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Alternatives to short term credit

Alternatives to short term credit

raise money - sell your old thingsThere is nothing worse than knowing that you are short of cash after having an expensive period in your life, leaving you wondering how to get money when you still have weeks to go before you next get paid.

In times like these lots of people think about turning to payday loans or pawning their prize possessions just to get by. There is a huge stigma attached to pawning your belongings, so what if I told you that there was a way to raise some extra money without having to visit a pawn shop or get a payday loan at all?

Did you know that you can sell a lot of your old stuff online in one box? You can with musicmagpie.co.uk. I used to think that they just bought your old CDs and DVDs but it turns out that you can sell them loads of different things. You can even sell them clothes, hair straighteners or electronic goods.

Selling your old stuff online sounds daunting but it couldn’t be simpler. I used to sell my stuff on eBay etc and still would for large items, but it just isn’t worth the effort for smaller items in bulk. All you need to do is to input all of the stuff that you want to sell onto the MusicMagpie website, along with its condition and send it off. They even pay for the courier service to pick up your stuff!

It is well worth search around for the best prices for large items, especially your old mobile phones because the prices offered across the different sites can vary. If you sell enough small items quickly enough to tide you over, it can give you a bit of breathing space to take the time to sell your larger items, and hopefully fetch a better price.

Of course, it is only a good alternative solution to short term credit if you are actually selling stuff you no longer want or need. If you have to buy things that you have sold once you get the money again it could have been easier in the long run just to borrow the money and save yourself some time.


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