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direct debit


A few years ago, before I was in debt I used to pay everything using direct debit. I saw it as convenient and a...

seek free debt advice


The amount of people getting into debt has increased with the downturn of the economy, with more and more people needing advice about their...

Why it is important to cut up your old credit cards


As a nation the UK has been trying to find any way that it can to save money. Nearly everyone has been affected by...

Are cottage industries a way out of debt


Households across the United Kingdom seem to face a common problem of wage shortage these days, with income being quite less than the expenses...


Bankruptcy has some negative connotations floating around it, particularly in the current economic climate where businesses and banks are closing down, losing people their...

Risks And Benefits Of Debt Consolidation


Debt consolidation, it is a type of loan taken to repay all the unsettled dues. Time and again it is taken at lesser interest...

money worries


It is quite normal for consumers to experience financial distress. No one is spared from such a problem. Some people effectively overcome the situation,...

Finding the best debt consolidation company


When in an intense debt situation, a person tends to lose the power of thinking, and even confidence. Debt has various side effects starting...

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